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Scuba Diving in Goa


Shore Diving

Diving offers a wide array of possibilities to make the experience a lot more enjoyable. You can choose the water depth and temperature, distance from the shore, and underwater activity you would like to engage in.

Shore Diving is another form of Scuba Diving. This time, the activity differs in the starting point of the dive. Unlike in Boat Diving where you ride a boat to your desired dive site and take the plunge there, the fun begins early in Shore Diving. From the term itself, Shore Diving is entering the water from the shore and diving at your desired depth.

The best thing about Shore Diving is that it doesn’t require any boat or other vessel to get you going. You put on your gear, walk towards the water, and dive at your desired depth. After a wonderful dive, you can swim back to shore, take your Diving Gear off, and relax as you relive your adventure underwater.

Shore Diving is just like Recreational Diving. It requires underwater skills, equipment and gear, and Diving certificate. Most resorts that offer Shore Diving, for example, require you to have at least a certificate in Recreational Diving. You can find these resorts on the web, and unlike other types of Diving, booking a shore dive is pretty simple as you don’t need to arrange Diving trips anymore. Most Shore Diving packages include equipment and accommodation in the resort.

Shore Diving is more popular among divers who have enough stamina to walk towards the dive site with their Diving Gear. While some people are not so fond of having to walk with their Diving Gear, others think Shore Diving has its own advantages. Some people find the on-water trek exciting. It's also an exercise as you battle with the waves. Shore Diving is also less costly since you do not need to own or charter a boat or pay cruise fees as you join Boat Diving trips. Lastly, it gives you a quick and action-packed Diving experience. You can actually park your car in a beach, go on a shore dive, and drive off to your next destination.

Shore Diving is also advisable for neophytes. Unlike the typical Scuba Diving that immediately brings you to a certain water depth and distance, Shore Diving allows you choose how deep and how far from the shore you will go; minding your own skill, pace, and Diving guts.

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