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The advanced open water diver program required two days and five adventure dives.

Day 1: Adventure Dives one, two and three
8:00 am
You need to reach our dive centre. Register for the course and go through the modules of the PADI Advanced Open Water manual. Note: Its highly recommended to collect the knowledge review manual a day prior to the dive and go through the same.
We will take you to the dive site, and your instructor will give you short briefing on what you have learnt.
Feel free to ask any questions.
Snacks are served whilst on our way to the dive site.
You will be required to demonstrate some dive skills while underwater.

3:00 pm You arrive back from your dive and relax.
If you require extra pool session do let us know, we will help you out.

Day 2: Adventure Dives four and five
We will take you to the dive site. Your PADI Instructor will give you a short briefing of what all you have learnt.
Snacks are served whilst on our way to the dive site.
Feel free to ask any questions.

2:30pm You arrive back from your dive and relax.
3.00pm You are ready to celebrate your new qualification as Advanced Open Water Diver!


Who is this dive for ?
PADI Advanced Open Water course is designed for those who want to get more diving experience and learn about new subjects: like how to dive on wrecks, digital underwater photography, diving deeper and understanding the underwater eco-system. You should be a PADI certified Open Water diver to participate in this course.

How deep and how long is each dive ?
Each dive has its own rules regarding to depth, you will go to a maximum depth of 30m, under a close supervision of your instructor. Duration of each dive will be 35-45 minutes.

What is PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course ?
PADI advanced open water certification is often mistaken as an experienced diver. This is not exactly so. This programs provides you basic knowledge about minimum five specific types of diving, Deep dive (30m) and Navigation dive being the mandatory ones.

What is Adventure Diver course ?
If you opt to experience only three programs like Deep, Navigation and say Night diving you get certified as an Adventure Diver. These dives can be counted if you take up specialty programs in these courses. Later on you can complete you two more elective dives and get certified as Advance Open Water Diver.

Do I have to sit for exams again ?
Don't worry, this course is a experience program, just complete all the quiz and knowledge review of the relevant sections of your adventures in diving manual, plus five open water adventure dives and you receive your certification. No Exams.

What is the benefit of Advanced Open Water certification ?
Have you thought of the times you sat on the boat while other went diving on a wreck at a depth beyond 18m. Advanced Open Water certification qualifies you to dive upto the limit of recreational diving ie. 30 m. Deep diving requires experience, specialized equipment, planning and training. Progress slowly and dive safely. You may learn photography and videography to capture you precious underwater moments. As you will learn the tricks of Navigation, as you practice, you will feel more comfortable and return back to the anchor line easily instead of long surface swims which can be tiring. These are just a few benefits.

What are the adventure dives in the program to choose from ?
There are about 26 adventure dive programs to choose from, out of which 9 are offered by us at present. Deep Adventure Diving Navigation Adventure Diving Search and Recovery Adventure Diving Naturalist Adventure Diving Underwater Digital Photography Adventure Diving Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Diving Aware Fish Identification Adventure Diving Wreck Adventure Diving Boat Adventure Diving

What can I do next ?
As a qualified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, you are able to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 30m with a buddy. If you liked any of the Adventure Dives then you can you can learn more about the subject by signing up for the respective Specialty. The next course up the PADI ladder is Rescue Diver. This course teaches you self-help techniques plus essential skills to help in the case of a diving accident.

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